IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. Adds to its Range of PCB Offerings - Digital Journal

2022-12-12 22:26:26 By : Mr. Jack Chiang

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Leading Custom PCBA manufacturer, IBE Electronics Co., Ltd., announces the introduction of new solutions to meet the needs of clients across the globe Pcb Prototype

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. Adds to its Range of PCB Offerings - Digital Journal

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. has grown to become one of the leading names in the global PCBA market and the company recently established its position as the go-to one-stop solutions provider adds to its long list of offerings. The professional PCBA manufacturer has built a reputation for specializing in the research and development of laser ranging, new energy, medical devices, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer electronics, and a host of others.

A recent report published by Prudence Research put the size of the global printed circuit board market size at $78 billion in 2021. It also projected the market size to hit $128 billion by 2030, with the growth driven by the increasing use cases of printed circuit boards in several industries, including the automotive sector, consumer electronics market, and others. However, getting quality PCBA can sometimes be a daunting task for users, especially brands looking for specificity. Consequently, IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. continues to upgrade its offering, ensuring that the growing and diverse needs of all categories of clients are met.

IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. has been described by many as a reliable strategic ODM/OEM global partner, with almost two decades of experience in PCBA manufacturing. The categories of solutions from IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. include PCB design, PCB fabrication, and PCB Assembly, with an experienced team of professionals in structure, mechanical, electronic circuit design, optical design, and embedded software development coming together to deliver an all-inclusive experience to clients.

IBE Electronics offers excellent OEM/ODM services according to its clients’ requirements to manufacture high quality PAB and PCBA for all different kinds of electronic projects.

To learn more about IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. and the range of products and services from the company, visit – https://www.pcba-manufacturers.com/. The Chinese leading PCBA manufacturer is also available on all major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Media Contact Company Name: IBE Electronics Contact Person: Kerstin Email: Send Email Phone: +86 18938933970 Country: China Website: www.pcba-manufacturers.com/

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IBE Electronics Co., Ltd. Adds to its Range of PCB Offerings - Digital Journal

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